We are a family breeder that puts health and temperament above all in our breeding program. We breed for family companions that you will feel safe with your kids. We strive to breed the best family friends we can.

We breed for health, size, friendly and fun personalities, and intelligence. If this is what you are looking for in a new family member, please contact us asap, we only breed a few litters a year. We only breed dogs with Normal hips, and all have been evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We also have rare colors from time to time, and all black often.

Please look over our dogs and past puppies and give us an idea of what you would like. SEE OUR AVAILABLE PAGES FOR PUPS THAT ARE AVAILABLE, AND OUR UPCOMING LITTERS FOR PUPS THAT ARE IN THE WORKS. 

I was asked recently if there is something wrong with our puppies because my prices are so low. The answer is NO! We breed for family companions, not just for the very well-to-do, but if you want to pay $3,000. for a puppy, I will gladly accept it!!! My prices are fair, and may cover my bills at the end of the year. I want normal everyday families to be able to own one of these outstanding animals and still be able to take the best care possible of them. Remember, it costs about $1,000. a year to have a dog (if there are no accidents, heaven forbid), and you need a nice yard and be able to train them.   They leave here outgoing and friendly and must have socialization with people, kids especially, and other other dogs and animals.   Their development depends upon you!
Our pups are raised in our home with our 4 yr. old grandson.  They are handled all day and night from day one.  They are moved outside after they are weined to get used to potty outside, and let in often to play inside and start house training.  They are taught to come and sit and to walk on a leash.   I ask that you come pick your pup at 6 weeks, and if you have a name picked out for him/her, I will teach them to come to that name.  They get to go home with you at 8 weeks, no sooner.  A lot of time is spent on our babies and it really shows!   Check our available page for our new litter and contact us soon, they go quickly!!


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